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The Light of Stars

I love time lapses.  Especially time lapses of the night sky!  Especially time lapses of the night sky with epic music!  That’s why I love this time lapse video!  This was up on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website yesterday and it gets an instant share for being so awesome.  Astrovideographer Daniel López assembled this stunning montage over the course of two months filming on the island of Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands.  Using motorized cranes and cameras on sliding tracks López captures some truly awe-inspiring footage of the Milky Way’s waltz across the sky, the moon, Venus and Jupiter setting, the constellation Orion, and beautiful natural landscapes.  But I’ve said enough about it already, just watch it!

Video Credit and Copyright: Daniel López (El Cielo de Canarias); Music:  La Busqueda de Ianna (Epic Soul Factory)

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