“We live on a world of wonders. A place of astonishing beauty and complexity. We have vast oceans and incredible weather. Giant mountains and breath-taking landscapes.

If you think that this is all there is, that our planet exists in magnificent isolation, then you’re wrong. We’re part of a much wider ecosystem, that extends way beyond the top of our atmosphere” – Professor Brian Cox

Welcome to Across the Universe.  This website is dedicated to the world of astronomy and all that comes with it.  From science, to stories, and telescopes, and photos, you’ll find a bit of everything here.  It is my personal belief that life is best lived at the eyepiece under a dark, star-filled sky.  Too many people today go their entire lives without experiencing the wonders of the night sky.  Light is threatening to overtake the darkness that has been so integral to our planet’s ecosystem for billions of years.  It’s safe to say now that we’ve almost totally lost the night sky.  As cities grow and people expand out into the once rural areas they take artificial light with them and the star-speckled sky fades into pinkish haze.

I believe we’ve lost something profound about what it means to be human when we lose contact with the night sky.  The stars have played a vital role in our development as a species from religion, storytelling, mythology, navigation, and of course science.  Our oldest curiosity and fascination is the stars and their movements and properties.  To study the heavens is to be connected to the far-flung universe that we are a part of.  We live not on a planet, nor a solar system, not even a galaxy; we are residents of the universe and its hundreds of billions of galaxies are our neighbors.

I hope this website will spur you on to a greater appreciation for and awareness of the majestic beauty of our universe.  But mostly I hope it gets you excited to go outside and look up!  Thanks for reading.



  1. I represent the Town of Harmony Florida. We have our 9th Annual Dark Sky Festival next month; I am hoping you can write up something in your blog about it to draw some of your readers in our area to the festival. We’ve been also been featured in National Geographic, which you can access from our website, http://www.darkskyfestival.com. Our website should be able to tell you all you need to know about the festival. Hopefully you can help me raise a little more awareness in the public on astronomy and dark skies. Thank you so much.

    Lauren Harder
    Town of Harmony
    Lifestyle and Festival Intern

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for contacting me! I would love to write about the Festival! I’m in DC for the day but I will check out the website tomorrow. Is there an email address I can reach you at if I have any more questions? Mine is tphelan88@gmail.com. Thanks!

      Tim Phelan

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