Earth Day 2012

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Earth Day 2012 is this Sunday April 22nd.  This is the 42nd year of Earth Day which makes this year’s Earth Day superior to all the rest, the answers to life, the universe, and everything hinge upon your participation in the celebration!  If you’ve never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy don’t worry about it.  But seriously, Earth Day is a global effort to raise awareness for nature conservation, green technology, efficient energy use, and much more.

As a lover of the cosmos I marvel at how vast, impressive, and beautiful the universe is through my telescope.  The wonders of the universe are simply too many to be counted, it’s beauty and complexity too immense for the human mind to fully comprehend.  All of the focus on celestial bodies and phenomena serves one massive purpose:  to fully and better understand the uniqueness and immense beauty of our home planet; our tiny blue dot!  Indeed when you spend but 10 minutes thinking of how vast and immeasurable the universe is, you begin to appreciate our home all the more.  Much of the universe is hostile and inhabitable, but here we are orbiting a star at just the right distance, a star that is just the right size, just the right temperature, and our planet is just the right size to to hold onto an atmosphere.  The conditions for life on planet Earth are perfect in every sense of the word!  We also exist in exactly the right time period in the universe’s life.  The window of opportunity for life to arise in the universe is so small that if the entire life of the universe was one 24-hour period, the conditions for life to arise would occupy less than a minute of that time!

Our planet is incredibly special and unique, not only in our solar system, but in the entire universe.  We’ve yet to discover any other alien planets that definitely have the correct conditions for supporting life.  We’re constantly searching and there are a lot of candidates, but so far we haven’t struck gold.  Once you understand the rarity of our planet and its unique nature in the universe a very profound experience of connection with the planet occurs.  We are merely stewards of this planet.  Our goal should be to live responsibly on the planet, not to greedily consume its resources and squander its beauty.  One look at the cosmos and we’re reminded that once Earth is barren there is no where else to go.  We live on an island travelling though the cosmos.  We are in complete isolation, even if there are other living creatures elsewhere we couldn’t hope of reaching their planets or moons.  Plain and simple, Earth is all we have.

This Earth Day make a pledge to, by the best of your ability, live a more environmentally-friendly life in 2012.  Be more conscious of how your every day life affects the planet.  Rethink your commute to work.  Begin recycling.  Commit to planting trees.  Talk to your lawmakers about environmental issues.  Let your voice be heard on behalf of our fragile planet!  For more information on Earth Day 2012 visit the website

Our fragile island home taken by Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell on Christmas Eve 1968

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