My First Telescope Redux

Saturday was the big day for me.  I was by far more excited about Saturday than the Super Bowl on Sunday (would not be true if my Ravens had been in it…).  On Saturday my dad and I went down to Company Seven, the closest telescope dealer, in Laurel, MD to buy my XT8 telescope.  Since it was my first time buying a scope I wasn’t sure what to expect from the store.  I kind of figured that it would be run by a couple of geeks (which it was) but I did not expect the magnitude of their geekiness to be as high as it was!  That is meant as a compliment to them of course!  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being down there.  The associate I spoke to seemed to know absolutely everything there was to know about Orion telescopes.  I told him I was looking at the SkyQuest XT8 he immediately recommended that I consider the XT10 Intelliscope instead because it comes with one more eyepiece, has the computerized finder, takes in more light, and offers the best probability that I won’t have to upgrade to a better scope for quite a while…all for only an extra $200 or so.  I was glad that he made that recommendation.  Meanwhile he assured me that he never tries to upsell just for the sake of it and making money.  Company Seven is subsidized by the government through NASA and has worked with them in the past on Hubble and various other projects so selling telescopes is not how they make their living.  Their interest is purely in seeing the customer walk out of the store with the best telescope possible that suits his or her astronomy wants and needs or with a better understanding of the market so that their interest in astronomy can last a lifetime.

So I ended up selecting the XT10 Intelliscope over the XT8 SkyQuest based on the associate’s recommendation.  I was very pleased with the purchase, which my dad and I decided to split.  Overall, the total after the various accessories will come to around $1,200.  I just have to wait about a week or two for them to assemble the scope and collimate it and make sure everything is working in perfect order.  They charge an extra $95 to assemble it but that was money well spent in my opinion because there’s no way I want to risk messing something up and not having the scope work properly.  I’m very excited to get my hands on the new scope and can’t wait to take it out on the first clear night!

Company Seven is a great place to buy a telescope!  Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, they’ve got everything covered from beginner scopes to very expensive eyepieces.  They live and breathe telescopes and astronomy so they really know their stuff.  Just tell them what you want out of a telescope and they can direct you to the perfect one in no time!  I would highly recommend Company Seven for all your astronomical needs.

Company Seven showroom...a telescope Mecca Credit: Company Seven

About Tim

My name is Tim Phelan. I am a nerd, amateur astronomer, sports nut, and follower of Jesus. I live in Baltimore, MD where the skies are oh so polluted with light. This is Ravens Country, Birdland, and the City that Reads, or whatever. Follow me on and

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