I’ll admit this is completely off-topic but it’s too good and far too important to not write about it.  The NFL Playoffs are here again!  We’ve seen a lot of strange playoff rituals over the years including the playoff beard which has made a HUGE comeback in recent years.  Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants grew one of the most menacing playoff beards of all time two years ago.  Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas grew a very robust neck sweater this past spring for the the Stanley Cup playoffs, and even the Baltimore Ravens’ own Joe Flacco grew his own playoff beard last season but I’ll admit it was more like playoff scruff.  But this season Wacco Flacco is at it again!  This time around he’s more groomed and more intimidating looking than ever!  This is the year of the playoff Fu Manchu!  Other NFL greats have rocked massive mustaches in years of yore including Aaron Rodgers, Joe Namath, Fred Biletnikoff, Mike Ditka, Bubba Smith, and Dave Wannstedt.

The Fu Manchu has started a craze in Baltimore and now for a limited time only you can own your piece of Baltimore football history with the Purple Fanstache!  The adhesive purple felt mustache looks just like your favorite quarterback own facial dressing!  They’re only $5 over at and for every Fanstache that is sold $1 will be donated to the Living Classrooms Foundation!  So head on over to now!

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My name is Tim Phelan. I am a nerd, amateur astronomer, sports nut, and follower of Jesus. I live in Baltimore, MD where the skies are oh so polluted with light. This is Ravens Country, Birdland, and the City that Reads, or whatever. Follow me on and

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